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Electronic Wheelchair

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dot Power tilt and recline allows user to relieve pressure while adjusting to the most comfortable sitting position, effectively spreads weight to a greater area and reduces risk of decubitus ulcers
dot Traditional Electric Wheelchair powered wheelchair- High risk of causing decubitus ulcers because of pressure points concentrating at the bottom
dot Powered tilt & recline wheelchair-power controlled tilting and reclining enable seat angle adjustment to optimize comfort, spreading pressure of bottom and back at ease
Jazyz air
Jazyz air
Jazzy air
Jazyz 2
Jazzy Select® Elite
Gogo 6
Quantum Q6 edge
Power Series Lightest
Power Series Conqueror RS2
Power Series LY EB 103A
LY EB 103 A
Power Angel
Gogo KP80
KP 80
Bronco LY-EB207
Gogo 4
Go-Go® ES 2
S19 Bronze
Quest Folding scooter
Gogo 2
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415
Gogo 3
Elite Traveler
Power Series 9
Power Series LY EB 103S
LY EB 103 S
Power Series KP45.3
KP 45.3 TR
Power Series KP10.2
Power Series KP25.2
Power Series KP45.3
Power Series KP10.3

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