Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair – We provide latest models of manual wheelchair that cater to many different manual wheelchair conditions that a user may have Manual Wheelchair. Our manual wheelchair includes a large selection of high quality chairs that are highly competitive in price. Manual wheelchair in Mumbai offer basic transit to self propel chairs with a range of configurations to suit individual needs. The Manual wheelchair in Mumbai in this range provide precise control, superb balance and outstanding performance.

V300 XR

Jazz S50

Jazz S50


Nudrive Air

Invacare Action

Sergo 305

Ergo lite

KM 5000

Aurora 4

VIP Tilt

Aurora 1 F 24

Aurora 1 F 16

Aurora 3

Aurora 6

KM 2500

KM8020 X


TV 20.2

Start M2 Effect

Adaptive Start M5

KM 2500 L

C A3

Briz 1 F 16

Briz 1 F 24

Sunny 1 C

Sunny 1P

Fighter C

Sunny 2P

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