Electronic Series : P4 Crossover

  • The 4×4 wheelchair is manufactured from components that are resistant to oxidation and rust: galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Thus equipped, it does not fear mud or pebbles!
  • The powerful 4X4 Crossover
  • This 4×4 wheelchair is equipped with:
  • four 250-watt drive wheels.
  • Low-pressure tires for adherence.
  • A seat rocker to keep a horizontal seat when descending.
  • Simple and efficient, the P4 Crossover has two 110-A batteries, giving it a range of 25 to 30 km.Its rear wheels are fixed, while its free front wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Its progressive steering system helps to overcome the most difficult obstacles and stabilises the steering, while climbing a ramp for example. It is therefore ideal for everyday local use.

Q6 Edge, Electronic Series